Congratulations Jess! We will miss you!

Today we are announcing that Jess Stewart will leave the firm after more than 13 years of dedicated service to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time massage therapist.  She was offered a full-time job as a Licensed Massage … Read More

IRS tax notice scam

Follow the attached link for detailed information.

Minimum Wage Guidance

Click the link to see more helpful information regarding the increase in minimum wage requirements. Minimum Wage

Importance of Health Care Proxy

DO YOU HAVE A HEALTH CARE PROXY??? We are suggesting that all adults have a health care proxy on file (to include dependents still in college).  Case in point that if an adult child (over 18) is injured and incapacitated, … Read More

Budget Article

Here is a link to an article on budgeting that you may find very useful.

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