We provide professional service to corporate, partnership, LLC/LLP's, sole proprietorships, and Individual clients with our accounting services.  Our full complement of accounting services throughout the Hudson Valley are customized to each client needs and includes: preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements, both reviews and compilations. Our goal is to work with the management and the staff to provide cost effective services that provide accurate and reliable information that you can depend on to make management decisions.

Financial Statements

Every business has financial data, but not every business knows how to interpret it or create a financial statement. Properly prepared financial statements are crucial to having the best possible information in the best possible format to assist businesses in making the right decisions. We organize your financial information into a financial statement in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). We also help you understand how these principles impact your particular business and ask the right questions to ensure the financial statements accurately portray your business. We provide all three levels of service that accountants can provide for financial statement preparation. The highest level of assurance on a financial statement is accomplished by auditing the statements that you provide to our firm. A review is a lower level of assurance that we can provide which is commonly required by some banks for loan covenants or an insurance company that wants to issue a bond. We can help with the compilation of the financial statements to assist with the management of your business with information provided by you.

Auditing Services

We provide auditing services for numerous not-for-profit organizations and fire districts in throughout the Hudson Valley. We familiarize ourselves with your organization and industry, review your control systems, design a customized audit plan, consult with management, audit a sample of records and then provide a comprehensive report of your business including comprehensive financial statement, notes and our independent opinion letters on the financial statements and internal control systems as required.  We report our findings to management along with recommendations for improvement and can provide assistance or refer you to an appropriate resource to improve your business.

Review Services

We can provide a review of your business financial statement whether you are a not-for-profit or business.  A review is sometimes required to be in compliance with the NYS Charities Bureau or possibly a bank or an insurance bonding company will require a review as a loan or bonding requirement.  The review is not as detailed in scope as an audit and provides limited assurance.  A review takes an analytical approach to your financial statements and will compare multiple years to determine trends and review the reasons for the change.  The review will provide you with a comprehensive financial statement, notes and an independent opinion letter from our firm..

Compilation Services

A compilation is the most common service that our firm provides to many local businesses here in the Hudson Valley.  We take your raw information such as check stubs, invoices or a QuickBooks file and create financial statements which may assist you with organizing and managing your business.  This service is done on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis – whatever frequency you require that is cost effective and useful for management.  As part of this service we can assist with reconciling your bank accounts, liabilities, or any other item that is critical to the management of your business.

Bookkeeping Services

If you're spending too much of your precious time doing paperwork rather than taking care of customers or making new ones, we can help. Our bookkeeping services include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, general journal, general ledger, balance sheets, profit and loss statements, trial balance, and much more. We offer our professional bookkeeping services to non-profit organizations and small businesses throughout the Hudson Valley.

Payroll Services

Any business person will tell you that there's more to payroll than simply paying your employees. There are considerations for health care reform, tax compliance, workman’s compensation, disability reporting, time and attendance, audit trails, and more. If you'd like to reduce the time, effort, and money spent on payroll administration, we invite you to learn more about Gagnon CPA payroll services throughout the Hudson Valley. We are cost effective, offer direct deposit services and can relieve the burden of compliance to process your payroll.