We provide many additional services that many people don’t think of when it comes to a public accounting firm.  We can be an integral part of your team by providing QuickBooks assistance, analyzing the results of the business, developing business models (budgeting and forecasting), determining the most appropriate type of entity to operate your business, and dealing with the multiple areas of financial planning, investments and insurance.  If you are looking for a service that is related to finance – we have someone on staff to assist you or can link you to another professional who will provide a quality level of service.

QuickBooks Setup and Training

More and more businesses and individuals are turning to QuickBooks to automate and integrate their finances at home and at work. Banking, payroll, financial reports and so much more can now be achieved through one easy to use interface. Gagnon CPA has experts on staff that can help you select the right QuickBooks for your application, then provide installation, configuration and setup, and customized training you may need to run your business.


Each and every person or organization faces a number of milestones throughout their life or existence. The success of any individual or company is largely dependent on how well these milestones have been anticipated, and how well they prepared they are to deal with them. Our team will meet with you to discuss your unique situation, determine what your financial goals are, and then draft action items to meet those goals. We'll continue review your progress and make modifications to ensure you have a workable plan both short term and long term.

Strategic Business Planning

The process of planning a business strategy is an important vehicle for setting priorities, making investment decisions, and laying out growth plans. For many companies this can devolve into an over explained budget or a useless collection of analysis, charts, and presentations with little opportunity to be translated into action. As a result, many strategic business plans end up as shelf decorations or just more files on a crowded hard drive. After taking the time to understand your business processes and goals, Gagnon CPA can help you develop a strategic business plan that's clear, concise, and realistic. We can assist with developing budgets, creating forecasts which may determine future cash flow needs – and then we can assist with arranging the financing.

Entity Selection & Corporate/LLC Formation

More and more businesses are incorporating to protect the personal assets of the principles, and it's part of the maturation process for many growing companies. The limited liability company (LLC) is the most popular entity type for small businesses. An LLC combines the personal liability protections of a corporation with the tax flexibility of a partnership and offers many advantages including pass-through taxation, no residency requirement, enhanced credibility, legal protection, and less paperwork than incorporation. We'd be happy to discuss the right corporate formation solution for your Hudson Valley business.

Business Forecasting & Budget Development

We have assisted many startup businesses with the initial development of a business plan to determine if there idea can result in a viable business.  This can be done in coordination with the Ulster County Small Business center or many other agencies.  A budget can be a great tool to manage your business and keep it on track.  A budget can plan funding to meet unexpected as well as expected needs. 


Cash Flow Management and Loan Coordination

Relationships have been built throughout the years at many of the local lending institutions with the key loan officer so that we can facilitate loan processing and approval. We are familiar with many of the requirements of various local bank and provide a complete packet to speed the processing along which reduces the waiting period. When integrated with the forecasting and budget development – loans and lines of credit are requested even before they are needed which will reduce the urgency and stress associated with waiting for an approval in most cases.